Mazda uses design to create vehicles unlike any other and the CX-30 is no exception. Mazda starts every design from a block of clay before collaborating with digital modelers to create a unique design. Much like the vehicles themselves Mazda is able to combine traditional craftsmanship and modern conveniences to balance function and art.

As the newest addition to the Mazda SUV lineup the CX-30 is as Bold as it is powerful. With spacious interior and class leading horsepower the CX-30 beats the competition,

2020 Mazda CX-30 Premium Package.
Mazda CX-30 Premium package

MSRP: $26,590

Fuel Economy(city): 24mpg

Blind spot warning: Blind spot monitoring

Horsepower@RPM: 187@6400

Torque: 186
2020 honda Hr-v
2020 Honda HR-V touring

MSRP: $28,890

Fuel Economy(city): 27mpg

Blind spot warning: N/A

Horsepower@RPM: 190@6400

Torque: 127
2020 toyota Rav4
2020 Toyota Rav4 LW

MSRP: $25,650

Fuel Economy(city): 25mpg

Blind spot warning: N/A

Horsepower@RPM: 203@6600

Torque: 184
2020 BMW X1
2020 BMW X1

MSRP: $37,200

Fuel Economy(city): 23mpg

Blind spot warning: Blind spot information system

Horsepower@RPM: 258@6000

Torque: 258


The Mazda CX-30 was awarded the 2020 IIHS top safety pick. Mazda had 6 vehicles in total awarded the IIHS top safety pick this is the most of any manufacturer. 

Safety, Comfort, and Quality learn more about that the CX-30 has to offer by clicking the link below.

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