Types of Fluids:

Your Mazda uses many different fluids to help make your driving experience safe and comfortable. Besides oil your vehicle also requires fluids to operate systems such as, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and engine coolant. Each fluid is important and should be monitored often to ensure damage does not occur. test

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Windshield wiper fluid,  yellow cap, service

Windshield Washer Fluid:

Last thing you want is to find out you're out of windshield wiper fluid when you need it the most, Whether you need new wipers or need your fluid to be topped off our certified service technicians are ready to assist you. 

Power Steering Fluid:

Without power steering fluid you may find it harder to steer your vehicle. Power steering fluid makes it easier for you to make turns and reduces strain on your steering system. If you notice is is harder to turn your steering wheel or hear a loud screeching noise while turning you may need to service your vehicle.

Power steering fluid, yellow cap, power steering service
Brake fluid service, yellow cap

Brake Fluid:

Much like your power steering system your break system relies on a hydraulics that use brake fluid to assist you in braking. Without brake fluid your brake system can take unecessary damage any you may find it more difficult to slow down or come to a complete stop. To avoid more pricey maintenance costs or potential collisions keep an eye on your brake fluids level and schedule service maintenance accordingly.

Engine Coolant:

Your vehicles coolant system is responsible for managing the heat of your engine this enhances your vehicles performance and fuel efficiency. Without coolant you'll notice higher engine temperatures, worse fuel economy, and higher emissions, to avoid this inspect your coolant levels often and be sure to schedule a service appointment before damage occurs.

Engine coolant, yellow cap, coolant flush